8sync's Mood Radio v1.2
Basically a internet radio based on my moods & feels and all things gooey. Also weather. Listen over here:
Or on your favourite player: (preferred) [m3u] [xspf] [vclt] Now playing: Changelog: v1.2 - Added weather type: Snow - New administrative tools - Loads of new music - New playlist with ambient music - Many, many bugfixes v1.1.4 - Bugfixes (mostly related to stream crashes) - Added a little bit of new music v1.1.3 - Added new music v1.1.2 - Added a html5 player to the website - More bugfixes v1.1.1 - A lot of bug fixes related to the 1.1 release - Switched encoders from vorbis to lame due to weird errors with stream continuity on some clients v1.1 - Music now will be chosen with the help of additional parameters: - Day/Night cycle - Cloud density - Improved weather type detection - Improved administration tool - Other minor bug fixes v1.0 - first version